Lotus Europa Emission Plate

Lotus Europa Vehicle Emission Control Information

The Vehicle Emission Control Information from my 1970 Europa.
Old Lotus Europa S2 carpets

A new interior for my Lotus Europa

One of my winter projects is redoing the entire interior of my ratty Lotus Europa S2. I perhaps shouldn't call the Lotus ratty but the interior is certainly well...

Minseok Kang paints a Lotus Europa S2

Minseok Kang is a very talented painter from South Korea that produces among other subjects, classic cars. What's cool is that he also documents many of these images being...
Sad looking Lotus Europa Twin Cam

Sad looking Lotus Europa Twin Cam

It's always a bummer to see what was once a great sports car rotting away in a field somewhere. Unfortunately for many of the Lotus cars the value isn't...