Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Fall is here on Vancouver Island in a big way. We are finally getting rain and mist, not that I really like that part of the equation. At the same time, the Maple trees always look fantastic. I have...
This Lotus Europa sold for $27, 850 US. Someone bought a very nice ride. Are you looking for a Lotus Europa S2? There is a stunning car available on Bring a Trailer right now that while close to original has...
I photographed my Lotus Europa a few days ago while spending the night in Port Angeles, Washington. The town has some very cool murals and is located in a very beautiful area of the State. How can anyone say the...

Lotus Type 130 Evija

This should be fun! The new Lotus Evija.
I went to the Portland, Oregon Cars & Coffee today and my Lotus Europa was picked to be in the front special lot. Very cool and look at my car neighbours. No lack of colour here!