Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Laminar Concepts Lotus Europa brochure

Laminar Concepts Lotus Europa

There's always some business out there that thinks they can do a better job. Laminar Concepts in Pennsylvania believed they could for the Lotus Europa. While the upgrade kit was designed for the Europa Twin Cam it also would...
Lotus Europa S2 colours

Lotus Europa S2 colours

My 1970 Lotus Europa type 65 has had an interesting life although I've no idea of any of the early history at this stage other than many paint jobs. Anyway, just another photo showing lots of different colours my...
What a cool photo. The image is of a 1969 Lotus Europa in front of what I expect is the first Concorde flown in 1969. The Concorde would not go into commercial service until 1976 and flew until 2003....
Lotus Europa colors

Lotus Europa paint colours

I've been cleaning areas of my 1970 Lotus Europa S2 as preparation for some fiberglass repair that I'm planning. Inside the front wheel well I finally located a beautiful colour history of my car. For the first time I...
A lot can be learned from the build plate on my new to me Lotus Europa S2. The car was built in June, 1970 with a serial number of 0496R. The R here refers to the federalized version of...
Lotus Renault engine

Lotus Europa Renault engine

A great cutaway drawing of the Renault 16 engine used in the early Lotus Europa cars.
Lotus Europa Badge

Lotus Europa Badge

One of the items I will be looking for is a new Lotus Europa badge.