Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Taupo Torque magazine from the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand has an article on the restoration of a Type 54 Lotus Europa S2. Read it here.
A very cool stamp from the 60's. Great looking Formula 1 cars during that era.
Lotus World Champions Again

Lotus Europa ads

An assortment of Lotus Europa ads from various magazines around the world.
Motoring Which? reviewed the Lotus Europa in July 1971. The article is an entertaining read. They weren't impressed!
A few Lotus cards from a large set of automobile cards published in Spain around 1972.
Laminar Concepts Lotus Europa brochure

Laminar Concepts Lotus Europa

There's always some business out there that thinks they can do a better job. Laminar Concepts in Pennsylvania believed they could for the Lotus Europa. While the upgrade kit was designed for the Europa Twin Cam it also would...
Here's a Swedish dude that wanted a Ferrari F40 so he built one. It's amazing how similar the layout of the Ferrari is to a Lotus Europa although on a larger scale. Offset pedals, high door sills and a...
Lotus Renault engine

Lotus Europa Renault engine

A great cutaway drawing of the Renault 16 engine used in the early Lotus Europa cars.